Our Family and Team

Meet the people who make the magic.

Stephen Mitchell

President, Sales & Marketing, Vineyard/Property Operations

(519) 817-6189

Stephen handles the Sales & Marketing of Sprucewood, and manages the winery’s facilities, equipment, and grounds.

Stephen began his working career with a BSc Mechanical Engineering and spent 10 years as an engineer in the automotive industry...

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Tanya Mitchell

Vice President/Winemaker

(519) 965-1293

Tanya Mitchell has been the Winemaker since its inception as a Winery in 2004, shortly after attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering at McMaster University and garnering experience making wine around the world...

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Jake Mitchell

CTO and Office Administration

(519) 995-4774

Jake Mitchell has helped grow the business with his family since 2004. Shortly after completing his post-secondary studies in multimedia, he began crafting the company logo, wine labels and advertising...

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Brittany Stomp

Weddings & Events Coordinator

(226) 935-7484

Everyone has their spark in life, and for Britt that is weddings and events! Staying on top of the latest wedding trends, and bringing your pinterest visions to life, Brittany will work along side you ensuring each final detail is perfect! She returns home to Harrow, after 5 years in Calgary developing her experience in the Wedding and Event industry...

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Melanie Mason

Customer Experience Manager


519 738 9253

It is Melanie’s personal goal to make you feel comfortable, happy and satisfied as you experience this beautiful winery. She wants you to feel better leaving the winery than when you arrived...

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Dave McNair



(519) 980- 5129

Dave is our onsite wine expert, always ready to share his indepth knowledge on our products and the wines of the world.  You can catch Dave at tastings all over Essex County and our store front every weekend...

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Gordon and Hannah Mitchell


Gord Mitchell January 29, 1945 – November 6, 2011

Hannah Mitchell February 9, 1950 – December 22, 2012

Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery would not be here if it were not for the vision and hard work that Gord and Hannah Mitchell put in to this Winery. Starting with the planning, planting and maintaining of 35 acres of vineyards, Gord set his sights for something bigger...

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