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Explore The Shore 2012

Visit us for live music and tapas all weekend long!  Saturday Trish Wales will swoon you away with Chef Jeff serving up his unique hordeuvres (tapas).  Sunday is Soiree Band and Mettawas Station tapas.  Enjoy a glass of wine or sangria to enjoy with the entertainment and food.  Take a drive along the shore and stop by one of the many businesses to sample the local foods, taste the local wine or check out the shops. It is the perfect event for all ages.

Participants offer a variety of unique activities to showcase their businesses. The variety of businesses include: farmers, wineries, road side vegetable stands, restaurants, bed and breakfast hoteliers, outdoor recreation (golf, conservation areas, beaches, harbour/marina), artists, authors, and small business owners ( salon, antiques, gift shop, convenience store).

We encourage you to visit as many locations as possible. At any participating location pick up an Explore The Shore brochure which contains a listing of all businesses’ activities as well as the grand prize passport! To be eligible to win the grand prize, have any 5 businesses stamp or initial on their respective spot on the passport and drop the passport into the grand prize box.