Warm ‘N Cozy Is Christmas In A Glass!

Delicious sweet berry mingles with orange, cinnamon, and clove flavors to bring a slightly sweet and savory drink that is simply delicious. Warm your insides and let the fragrance fill your home with this tasty drink. Enjoy in the company of a crackling fire, or share with your holiday guests at your home or theirs.
Just pour, warm it up, and enjoy! 

This prepared mulled wine is simply heat up to enjoy. No extra work required!

Heating Instructions: To prepare for guests, lightly simmer this drink in a pot on the stove, or warm in a crockpot.  For a quick drink, pour into a mug and microwave.  The key to knowing it’s ready is to watch until wisps of steam appear.  But be warned: DO NOT BOIL.  It will still taste good, but there won’t be any alcohol left.

This is the same drink known as Gluwhein, Hot Wine, Vin Chaud, GlintVein, or Glogg. It is extremely popular in Europe during the winter months.

You can find this year round at the Winery, our wine shop, or seasonally at the LCBO across the province.